Abuja, Nigeria,

W. 2009— Sp. 2010

The word community comes from Latin communis — common. There is a similarity between etymologies of the word community and communication (i.e., communicare, — sharing). Therefore communities are the social constructs composed of people sharing common values and traditions.


This project aims at facilitating the formation of strong social and cultural bonds within the ethnically diverse Abuja.


This project won the 2nd prize in 2010 in the prestigious Lyceum Fellowship Competition


Section A-A

Historically, communities develop around the intersections of travel paths as they provided means for exchange of information and resources. The community center uses “the intersection” as a formal device to facilitate such interaction forming the space for gatherings, festivals, and markets. The centerpiece of the plaza is a monument comprised of 361 bronze columns that symbolize the ethnic diversity and unity where each column represents a unique ethnic group in Nigeria.


The plan of the building takes cues from vernacular courtyard houses found in the savanna. The inner structure is divided by passages forming three program groups connected by an atrium space. The Center employs passive cooling strategies used in the Nigerian architecture.

Green Roof  and Skylights

The monument.

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