Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine

New York, USA.

Sp. 2011— S. 2011

Clyde Frazier’s Wine restaurant in New York was an exciting project for my 6 months internship at Morphosis. I helped with study models, CAD, CG graphics, and as a makeshift photographer as well. I contributed to the design of the restaurant’s baffle and colorful liner. The most important experience I gained was the exposure to the advanced digital design and collaboration processes, such as 3D printing and Catia digital environment, employed at Morphosis.

Project details


Bill & Melinda Gates Hall, Ithaca, NY, USA.

Mar. - Sept. 2011

This presentation-study model taking 5-weeks of hard work, turned out to be a great educational experience a as well since we had to transfer the digital model into physical world resolving all the complications occurring in the process. This model is a combination of 3d-printing and laser-cutting, the facade skin is build from the individual plasma-cut metal sheets.

Project details

Metro Entranceway,

San Sebastian, Spain

Mar. - Sept. 2011

The Spanish city of San Sebastian organized an invited competition to design entrances for it new subway line. I assisted the designer working on this competition. My responsibilities consisted of the research work, illustrator work, and building of this presentational model for the submission. The model is 3D-printed and coated with graphite paint with rough metal look texture that contrasts with the chromed entrance model.


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