Union Terminal

Cincinnati, OH

W. 2009

The Cincinnati Union Terminal, built in 1933,  served as a major  Mid-West transportation hub. Later, with the decline of railroad travel, it was converted into a venue housing an OMNI MAX theater and the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Section trough the rotunda

This project envisions sustainable future for the building by bringing back the original railway operations, integrating of the station’s plaza with the Queensgate neighborhood, and reviving  of the 140-meter concourse that spanned the tracks.


The new concourse splits functionally to accommodate the railway station operations and the contemporary art gallery extension. The galleries are housed in four volumes joint by the concourse.

Top view on the plaza and station


The proposal reduces the energy demands with photovoltaics and wind turbines placed over the tracks. The new station also integrates the new city car line that connects the station with the downtown via original underground tunnel running under the station’s dome.

Exploded view

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