University of  Information,

Kiev, Ukraine

Oct. 2012- Mar. 2013

Exploded View

Site Plan

The University of Information Sciences is a part of the brand new technology park “Bionic Hill” located in the suburbs of Kiev.  It focuses on the research in information, biotech, and communication technologies, and employs “Live, work, learn” paradigm. The main requirement for this project was the minimization of the impact on the environment, working closely with the forest service and ecologists. The university complex consists of the university and student housing buildings.


The university building fans out into the three functional wings (administration, education, research) traversed by the atrium that features panoramic views on the surrounding forest. The plan is south-oriented to provide plenty of natural light for the interior. The wings of the building are open to the courtyards with preserved pine trees, thus permitting the forest into the structure. The six story housing building encloses the university square and blocks the prevailing western winds.



Skylight Section

Longitudinal Section

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